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Multimedia installation on the migratory experience

Vivir Entre is a proposal for a contemporary installation in the Capilla Palacio Pronillo, which aims to bring the public closer to the problems of the migratory crisis, from art, innovation and new technologies.


To make the proposal we invited Dinorah, Ivonne, Marianella, Mio, Natalia and Silvia, six women from different social strata and of different ages who have migrated from different continents such as Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe, with the aim of presenting a wide diversity of experiences embodied in the border.


From the stories, an edition of the testimonies was carried out, in order to order and melodize the collected material and present it through light installation sculpture.


In short, the project proposes a dialogue between light, words and the social. Through audio-reactive techniques, the life stories collected from different migrants respond to the lighting that makes up the installation.


The attending public can approach in a sensitive way the narratives and experiences of the people who experience the border, which assigns different degrees of citizen stability based on their position in social structures, whether they are more or less racist, classist and/or sexist. . In short, a space is generated for reflection on the migratory process through an interdisciplinary, contemporary project and new technologies.

Stories and collaboration: Dinorah, Ivonne, Marianella, Mio, Natalia and Silvia

Interviews, mediation and transcription: Ángela Sáez

Sculpture: Luis Crespo

Sound design: Jaime Peña - JPEGr

Audio-reaction design and programming: Luis Alvarez

Sculpture lighting design: Carlos Molina

Visual identity: Adrián Torices

Project idea, management and production: Mari Paula

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