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Oficina Corpo Antropófago:​ métodos de criação em dança e performance

As a proposal formativa, in recent years, Mari Paula has been offering her office ´Corpo canntropófago´ at festivals and dance centers in Brazil e_cc781905-5cde-3b5dbb5-3b5cfha8-de-3194-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ .



The office is an exercise of reflection on the processes of thinking-doing the body. On purpose, it is addressed to all the people who want to rethink their way of perceiving and approaching body language in dance and performance. A methodology based on the technique of contemporary dance, we concepts of alterity (condition of being other) and concepts of Cultural Anthropophagy (artistic trend spread by Brazilian Modernism). This proposal will be updated to the idea of cultural anthropophagy: "eat, digest and appropriate a cultural action" and will be applied to the field of the body in movement, in a hybrid and inclusive way.



  • Train students to understand body expressivity as a cannibalistic factor and alterity.

  • Expand creative and technical possibilities for the artists of the living arts, making known new corporeal tools.

  • Promote reflection / action on children and reach new limits of expression.



Block 1: Theoretical introduction to the concepts of otherness, cultural cannibalism, cannibalistic body and analysis of two main exponents of cannibalistic art.


Block 2: Place in practice or knowledge acquired through contemporary dance exercises and physical games, in order to generate - at the emotional, psychic and corporal level - new creative paths. Collective breeding that reflects on the transmission and acquisition of knowledge through the practice of eating or moving body.



Course for students, professionals of living arts who wish to expand their way of thinking, perceiving and dealing with body language in their processes of creation.

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