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This performance was created to deteriorate itself in 450 years on the large share of Pacific garbage, where the future was swallowed by the plastic. As humans’ wastage, a woman was transformed into a digital worker after the crisis of representation. She eats herself in search of the pleasure of a collective body, something that was lost long time ago.


The dance performance Devórate questions, through a female body, the unstoppable consumption of plastic material as well as the technological development versus the simple existence of the human being. With a self-referential and anthropophagous language, an intensive research work was carried out during different artistic and technical residences in choreographic centers and theaters in Spain and Brazil such as: Casa Hoffmann Movement Studies Center (Curitiba), Canal Dance Center and Nigredo Espacio (Madrid), Eima Creació (Mallorca), Graner Center for Creation of Dance and Performing Arts (Barcelona), Carme Theater (Valencia) and Palace of Festivals (Santander). The project was supported by the Iberescena Program (Spain and Brazil) and the Curitiba Patronage Program (Brazil). The premiere took place in September 2019 in the city of Santander (Spain) and it was then performed in the cities of Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mallorca, Valencia, Logroño, Vitoria, Sevilla, Curitiba and Recife.



Direction, idea and performance: Mari Paula

Movement Direction: Rebeca García

Dramaturgy and movement collaboration: Janet Novás, Leonarda Glück, Reinaldo Ribeiro and Ricardo Nolasco

External eye: Lívia Delgado

Light design: Carlos Molina and Spacecircles

Technician during the tour: Carlos Molina

Sound design: Jaime Peña

Graphic design: Torreón Arquitectura

Photos and video: Anjana Guerras

Management and distribution: Iñaki Díez Lapeña

Direction: Mari Paula - Dance & Performance

Artistic residences: Casa Hoffmann Movement Studies Center (Curitiba), Canal Dance Center and Nigredo Espacio (Madrid), Eima Creació (Mallorca) and Graner Center for Creation of Dance and Performing Arts (Barcelona)

Technical residences: Carme Theater (Valencia), La Espiral Contemporánea and Palace of Festivals (Santander)

Support: Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, 2019 Iberescena and Funarte - Brazil and EBANX



people on stage: 1

people on tour: 2/3

duration: 50 minutes

public: adult

gender: dance / performance


Casa Hoffmann Movement Studies Center (Curitiba), Canal Dance Center (Madrid), Nigredo Espacio (Madrid), Eima Creació (Mallorca), Carme Teatre (Valencia), La Espiral Contemporánea (Santander), Festival Palace (Santander) and Graner Center for the Creation of Dance and Live Arts (Barcelona).

This project is a 2019 Iberescena Co-production between Brazil and Spain.


Impressive work of Mari Paula with her own body as a canvas of experimentation, [...] to suffer herself the digestion of the plastic monster and to be expelled from paradise due to the deceitful technological development.

Pilar Jódar Peinado
(Member and Research Award of the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts)





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