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Mari Paula is a choreographer and performer. I master emLatin American Cultural ManagementPela University of Granada (ESP), bacharela emperforming artsfrom the Faculty of Arts of Paraná, a specialist inHybrid Arts/Critique of Arts pela Federal Technological University of Paraná and formed indanceby the Municipal Dance School of São Paulo and the Paula Firetti Ballet.


É uma das managers daAssociation of Dance Professionals of Cantabria - Movement in Network, uma das co-founders doJungle House Cultural Spacein Curitiba and as a performer integrated into public companies of contemporary dance, das quais stands out oGuaira Theater Bale,not Parana.


In the year of 2015 he begins to develop his own creations, presenting himself in theaters and festivalsAfrica, Latin America and Europe,no qual we see getting positive reviews on their research inCultural Anthropophagyapplied to or movement.

As a teacher, she teaches dance and performance courses at Festivals, Universities and Dance Centers in Brazil and Spain. As a teacher, she teaches dance and performance courses at festivals, universities and dance centers in Brazil and Spain. As a performer, I worked under the direction of choreographers such as:Olga Roriz(Portugal),Gustavo Ramirez(Spain),Felix Lander(Germany),Luis Arrieta(Argentina),Anna Victoria,Rui Moreira, Renato Vieira,George Garcia, Carmen George and Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni (Brazil).

In his career, he received awards and support from institutions como funarte, Secretary of Culture do State of Paraná, Curitiba Cultural Foundation, Theater Guaíra,iberescene, Centro SHIP(Chile), Santander Creative Foundation(Spain) e barn(Barcelona).


Projeto Fronterizas.Mostra Solar 2020 (House Hoffmann, Curitiba). Institutional support: SHIP (Chile), Ministerio de Culturas, Artes e Patrimônio do Chile e Funarte (Brasil).

devour yourselfIberscene 2019(Funarte) eSubsidized Patronage of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Brazil.

Scambo.The Network 2019- So Close to the Santander Creativa Foundation, Spain andprophecy 2018- Secretary of Culture of Paraná, Brazil.

retropic.Funarte de Dança Klauss Vianna Award 2015 (carried out em 2017)-Ministry of Culture, Brazil.

The struggle.Funarte Klauss Vianna Dance Award 2014- Ministry of Culture, Brazil.

Iracema 236ml.Curitiban Novels Theater Award 2014- Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Paraná e Myriam Muniz Theater Funarte Award2014 - Ministry of Culture, Brazil.

Residência Cabaré Glicose / Ibisco Theater in Lisbon (Portugal).Cultural Connection Program 2014- Ministry of Culture, Brazil.

Residência Cartografías Granada - Curitiba (Brazil and Spain).

Iberescena 2013 - Ministry of Culture, Brazil.

Zordino and Ladico. Mention as best director and best show noGralha Azul Trophy Award 2013- Guaíra Theater Cultural Center, Brazil.

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