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Je Joue Ma Vie




Based on surrealist ideas and mainly on Artaudian reflections, Je Joue Ma Vie is a performance and video project that uses the absence of logic as a creation scheme. We return to texts, manifestos and surrealist works to create a living process, guided by the existence of pure psychic automatism and the here and now: the automatic dance.

If the miracle of Antonin Artaud denies the stupid and academic contradiction between spirit and matter. In Je Joue Ma Vie our gestures and thoughts stop belonging to us, freeing us from everything that defines us as something static and where the only thing that remains is transformation, becoming.


Conception and Direction: Mari Paula

Performance: Airton Rodrigues, Ane Adade and Fernanda Cordeiro

Video interpreters: Airton Rodrigues, Ane Adade, Felipe Frejuello, Fernanda Cordeiro, Juliane Engelhardt and Juliana Rodrigues

Design and video editing: Miro Spinelli 

Direction and sound editing: Fernando de Castro 

Photos: Deborah Chibiaque

Collaboration: Federal University of Paraná and Paço da Liberdade

Realization: Selvatica Ações Artísticas and Guaíra Theater Cultural Center

Duration: 30 minutes

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