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Bammm is a choreographed piece for 5 dancers that is inspired by the Big Bang theory. Through the body of the performers, it addresses issues such as the origin and expansion of the universe and creates a sensitive and hypnotic atmosphere for the viewer.


The universe has the peculiarity of being infinite and at the same time a mystery. The work delves into these concepts to incorporate and translate them into the language of dance and stage. Bodies made of stardust, which celebrate the magnitude of the universe, its shapes, its colors and essentially its transformation.


Originally created for the cast of the Ballet City of Campina Grande, Bammm is a co-production in Iberescena 2021 dance that has the support of the Fundação Nacional de Artes de Brasil - Funarte, de Cultura de Cantabria and the Prefeitura de Campina Grande.


Idea, Choreography and artistic direction: Mari Paula

Choreography and artistic direction: Alexandra Mabes

Performing dancers: Cas Silva, Jardel Melo, Jéssica Oliveira, Marley Lucena and Stênyo Pablo

External eye: Lívea Delgado

Executive and artistic direction of the Company: Erasmo Rafael

Co-director and essayist: Romero Mota

Original soundtrack: Jaime Peña

Cello: Marta Bowl

Technical direction and lighting: Napoleão Gutemberg

Visual identity: Pablito Kukarz and Eli Firmeza

Distribution: Iñaki Díez

Support: Ibero-American Dance Platform - Las Vivas, Em Cena Consultancy and Projects and Machine Room

Financing: Iberescena Program, Fundação Nacional de Artes - Funarte, Culture of Cantabria and Prefeitura de Campina Grande.


Balé Cidade de Campina Grande (Brazil) and Mari Paula - Dance & Performance (Spain)

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