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Escambo is a piece of citrus and tropical dance. The work manifests the opening of two meanings as a substantial role, inviting the public to a game of aromas, choruses, rhythms and movement. To dislodge 50 laranjas from their traditional context for the stage, with a broad purpose to notion of everyday life and propose new aesthetic and sensory perceptions. Escambo is structured as a choreographic prancha that frees, through movement, a cor no espaço. A fun back and forth game between the sensory, or the architectural, the performers and the spectator.


Conception and general direction: Mari Paula

Choreography: Mari Paula and Wody Santana

Direction of movement: Wody Santana

Cast: Mari Paula, Wody Santana and Rebeca García Celdrán

Sound track: Jo Mistinguett

Mediation and Communication: Marta Romero

Management and distribution: Iñaki Díez Lapeña

Realization: Mari Paula - Dance & Performance

Support: State Program for the Promotion and Incentive of Culture PROFICE of the Government of the State of Paraná and The Meeting in Dance - So Close Program of the Santander Creativa Foundation
Duration: 20 minutes


Canal Dance Center - Intermittent residence, Madrid - Spain

Eduardo Úrculo Cultural Center, Madrid - Spain

EBB Dance Company, Madrid - Spain


11 and 12/01: The Network | CdAT, Santander - Spain

18 and 19/01: El Huerto, Gijón - Espanha

01/25 and 26: Hall 6, Bilbao - Espanha

04/25: Araucária, Paraná - Brazil

04/26: Toledo, Parana - Brazil

04/27: Paranavaí, Paraná - Brazil

04/28: Umuarama, Parana - Brazil


06/28: Culture Strikes Back | Santillana del Mar, Cantabria - Spain

07/03: Culture Strikes Back | Cartes, Cantabria - Spain

07/28: Culture Strikes Back | Ampuero, Cantabria - Spain

07/05: Culture Strikes Back | Bezana, Cantabria - Spain

09/03: FITLO Festival | Logroño, La Rioja - Spain

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