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dance and urban intervention research platform


Dominated by the mercantile system, tourist cities currently face problems such as gentrification and the spectacularization of their historic centers. This phenomenon, in addition to generating a certain forgetfulness of the neighborhoods that are not part of the tourist circuits considered traditional, feeds the decrease in the participation of the subject and his subjective experience with the city.


Bodygraphies is a dance and urban intervention research platform in the city of Granada (Spain) that results from the fusion between the fields of contemporary dance and urban planning. One of the motivations for this initiative is the perception that the exchange between these two disciplines has the possibility of a greater understanding of the role of the city and its inhabitants.


In general terms, the project intends, through dance, to recover the urban experience of some areas that have experienced its decline in recent years.


Concept: Mari Paula

Research in urban planning: Adrián Torices Saéz

Anthropological research: Ángela Donat

Collaborating Dancers: Camille Lejeune and Ángela Donat

Collaboration: Torréon Architecture and Urbanism (

Academic Project: Master Culture and Management - University of Granada (Spain)

This platform is open to new collaborators interested in culture and urban intervention.

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